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Five Ways to Spin Up Your Automation Strategy Without Spinning Out

Job seekers value communication more now than ever. Many staffing firms are looking to automation platforms like Sense and Herefish to automate process and engagement tasks and give recruiters more...

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Where Will the Staffing Industry Stand in 2022?

The US staffing industry has significantly evolved, grown and progressed in the last few years. From a small industry that largely depended on newspaper ads and word of mouth for...

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Are We There Yet? Marketing as a Process

Fast internet concept We live in a fast-paced world. Things move quickly and are only speeding up. We believed that technology would give us our time back, but instead, it...

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How Soft Collections Practices Benefit Your Customer Relationships

You may be wondering, what exactly is soft collections?  In summary, it is a process used during the accounts receivable management process with the goal of being paid while maintaining...

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Minimize the Pain of Technology Implementation

We tend to take technology for granted, but anyone old enough to remember life before Facebook may recall that, as an industry, we used to be downright luddites. Many were...

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How to Implement New Software Without Stressing Employees Out

People tend to resist any change that impacts their status quo, especially in the workplace. That’s why asking them to learn yet another new tool will undoubtedly feel like an...

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It’s Time to Embrace the Agile Workforce

I have been involved in the contingent labour market in one guise or another for nearly two decades. Now more than ever, it’s an extremely exciting, ever-changing industry that leaves...

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Top People Skills That Will Maximize Value in Your Business

Having a skilled and agile workforce can make a huge difference in any business’s success and growth. Whether you’re recruiting specifically for these skills or seeking to develop them in...

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Struggling to Successfully Manage Your High-Volume Workforce? Here Are Three Reasons Why

Nearly everything about the workforce has changed as a result of the pandemic. On top of all of this change is a crippling talent shortage made worse by the current...

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Finding Your Perfect Match at Work

It’s 2021, and the latest trend in the talent world is resignation. Coined for the movement of workers ready to leave both pandemic restrictions and their current jobs behind, ‘The...

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