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Transitioning to a Dynamic Workforce in the Era of the Great Resignation

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that companies need to be able to adapt quickly. According to IBM, 55% of organizations made permanent changes to their organization...

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The Great Resignation or An Extraordinary Opportunity? Now is the Time to Make People the Priority

The meaning of work has been evolving for decades, but the last year has propelled us forward. Some worry about the “great resignation,” but this is actually an extraordinary opportunity....

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The Great Talent Exodus: What’s the Impact?

When it comes to its impact on the world of work, Covid-19 will be remembered mostly for the things it slowed down. But in certain areas, the pandemic has been...

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The Onboarding KPIs That Every Staffing Firm Should Be Tracking

In my last post, I discussed the importance of effective onboarding in compliance, such as how education of recruiters and candidates on that importance will drive their own compliance in...

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Why Companies Turn a Blind Eye to Services Procurement/SOW

Services procurement, also known as statement of work, is a significant and growing spend area within enterprise organizations. According to a SIA, SOW spend exceeded US $500 billion in 2019...

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Hot Summer Weather Brings Serious Workplace Injuries and Fatalities

The warm weather that rings in summer brings plenty of exciting events, but it also causes a spike in serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) among contractors each year, especially in...

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How to Gain Respect From Employees

Being a leader and running a business are two completely different things. Having a high ROI does not necessarily mean that you are a good leader for your employees. Similarly,...

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Maintaining Steadiness in Unsteady Times

As staffing professionals, we are acutely aware of the volatility in the employment and labor market. We hear about it from clients who are struggling to find, hire and retain...

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The Emergence of Direct Sourcing in Contingent Hiring

Within permanent hiring, direct sourcing is well established and is a key part of many talent acquisition functions. It delivers a return on investment in the shape of agency savings...

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The Right Kind of Growth: 4 Tips to Handling Post-Covid Opportunities

The phone finally stopped ringing, giving Brittney Hays a moment to breathe and reflect. Following a grueling year of pandemic-related starts and stops, business at her Tacoma, Washington, staffing firm...

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Drive Down Expenses in These Three Areas to Drive Profits

Driving profits is key to your staffing firm’s success. The greater your revenue and the lower your costs, the more your firm is able to grow. One way to increase...

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Onboarding: Turn a Source of Pain into an Opportunity for Gains

Onboarding. You might shudder at the word. It’s historically a laborious, complex and monotonous process — with serious consequences for errors and oversights. According to Glassdoor, the average US employer...

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Top Trends in Staffing Now, Part 2

Just as the world has changed how and where it works, organizations have shifted how and where they find talent. Job boards have traditionally served as a key source of...

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Nearshoring Done Right: Do’s and Don’ts

In my last post, I explained the concepts of outsourcing, offshoring and how nearshoring benefits a company. Like everything, though, nearshore outsourcing needs to be done the right way in...

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Why the Pandemic Has Proved Directors Don’t Need to Dress Up

Work-from-home attire was a topic that was hotly discussed during the first few months of the pandemic. Some argued that continuing to wear your office clothes improved your productivity because...

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Seven Factors that Drive Staffing Firm Automation

Our world changed significantly on Sept. 11, 2011. The attacks on that date had such a dramatic impact, we simply refer to it as 9/11. Fast forward to Covid-19 pandemic....

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The Many Leadership Benefits of Being Present

Let’s face it, being a busy leader at any level requires the ability to move quickly from one task to the next. Sometimes, at the end of the day, when...

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The Stark US Jobs Landscape Transformation – Provoked by the Pandemic

Speak to anybody looking to hire for new staff and they will likely bring up ‘The Great Resignation’. This phrase refers to the huge number of workers giving their two...

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Why Belonging Matters Across Your Entire Workforce

After the ongoing social unrest and the pandemic shed light on existing inequities, we’re seeing leaders who may have been traditionally silent about such issues speaking out, with many companies...

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Switching Up Employee Engagement Through Workplace Gamification

Gamification is a recent phenomenon that helps to turn often dull or tedious tasks into games by using mechanics that engage the user. It doesn’t mean that work becomes an...

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