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With almost 400 years of rich history rooted in the Cognac business in France, the company was founded in New Orleans in 1850. Sazerac is now home to over 450 brands from distilleries across the globe, operating in 112 countries. 

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Over 2,000 team members work for this client worldwide.

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Sazerac website
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What Sazerac has to say...

As an independent family-owned company, we strive to be our industry’s “most desired place to be”. We believe strongly in the importance of building a great organization which is focused on delivering a high level of excellent customer service as we bring our brands to our consumers around the world. Sazerac offers you the opportunity to reach your full potential as part of a creative, decisive, high performance team that takes a great deal of pride in providing our consumers with the best spirit brands the market has to offer. A company where what you do is important and you can make a difference to the result.

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