Top 5 Skills for Warehouse Jobs



The growth in the number of warehouse jobs in the United States has been extremely strong over the last decade. The Covid pandemic has supercharged online shopping and as a result of higher demand for groceries, medical supplies, and other essentials by consumers, companies all over the country are now facing big challenges to hire warehouse and transportation employees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the employment in the transportation and warehouse sector rose by 50,000 in July 2021. With this increasing demand for distribution center workers, you might ask yourself if you qualify for a job in this industry.

Here at Shiftfillers, we're all about connecting you to these jobs, faster than ever and paid the same day! Have a look at the top skills warehouse employers are looking for and apply today for a job.

1. Good physical condition

Picking and packing products involve a good amount of physical activities including walking, bending, stretching, stooping, squatting, reaching and lifting heavy loads independently (usually more than 50 lbs).This is very important to ensure you can work safely within health and safety regulations without placing undue strain on your body.

2. Ability to work in a team

Despite the autonomous nature of warehouse jobs, a distribution center is like an orchestra. All team members must understand their individual roles and responsibilities but also know how all activities are connected and that ultimately, you all play together to deliver a successful performance. Listening to each other, adjusting and solving problems as a team is fundamental.

3. Flexibility

Whether for changes in processes or shortage of personnel, in a warehouse environment it's common for workers to perform other tasks on short notice. Being flexible to perform duties that are not strictly under your job description can be a valuable asset.


4. Computer skills

Not every warehouse job will require you to use a computer but it's an advantage if you can and you'll likely deal with some type of technology in the workplace. Basic computer skills can be valuable and might help you operate the company's system or machinery. 

5. The will to learn

Regardless of this being your first job in warehousing or not, there will always be something new to learn - a new process, the equipment you'll have to operate, a certification for you to obtain, etc. Be open to learn, this will not only make a good impression on your employer but will also boost your work experience and CV.



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