Majority of Professionals Believe Employee Turnover will Increase in 2022, says Korn Ferry Survey

Majority of Professionals Believe Employee Turnover will Increase in 2022, says Korn Ferry Survey


Filling open positions will continue to be a challenge in 2022 as turnover will likely increase, it's what global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry concludes from their survey with 1,128 professionals developed in mid-September 2021.

More than half of respondents (63%) say the pandemic has made it more difficult to fill open positions and that they (55%) expect employee turnover to increase in 2022, with 43% of people finding that the labor shortage is having a negative impact on their company's operations. 

Nearly half of these professionals (45%) say it is hard to fill positions now because they can't find qualified talent/skills. While finding new talent is so difficult, retaining them is also a challenge. The top reason employees are leaving is that they are re-evaluating their priorities amid the pandemic (30%), followed by a lack of a clear advancement path (24%) and better pay and benefits (23%). 

About 20% of respondents said the top way their company is addressing the labor and skill shortage is by relying heavily on contingent/gig workers. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic is giving people the chance to examine every aspect of their lives and reassess priorities, likewise companies can reevaluate their workforce management strategies. It's a critical time for organizations to gain a competitive advantage by adopting the latest technology to tackle this uncertain and more demanding job market. 

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The original survey document is available here