How a Staffing Agency Can Find You a Job

A common question amongst job searchers is: How can I find jobs near me? 

Apart from leveraging online job boards and mobile apps, you can also count on a staffing agency as an important ally in your job hunt. Here are three ways a staffing agency can help you on your search:

Get a job faster

While the time it takes to get a job can vary based on several factors, U.S. unemployment data from the BLS shows that the median average in 2021 is about 5 months. A staffing agency can speed up that process since they have a database of clients with several open positions. Depending on the type of job you're looking for, they can even match you to a job almost immediately. 

More job options

Imagine applying for one job position and being considered for several other opportunities too. That's what a staffing agency can do for you. Because recruiters have well established relationships with several employers, they will also know about job opportunities that haven't been published yet. By being connected to a staffing agency, you get access to a wider job market.

Bigger chances of finding the right fit

You might find a job that seems great from the outside. But how do you know if that company is right for you? Will their culture and ways of working match your background and what you're looking for? While it can be difficult for you to assess that by yourself, a staffing agency can easily do that for you. Because the staffing agency develops relationships with their clients and candidates, they're in a unique position to match them by seeing factors that go beyond job descriptions and CVs. 

When you look for a job by yourself, you can spend weeks going through job boards, individually sending out resumes. By working with a recruiting partner, you can amplify your search and maximize your chances of landing a new job and potentially building long-term career opportunities.

If you're interested in working with a staffing agency, get in touch with us today. Shiftfillers is a tech-powered staffing agency, which means our team has decades of experience and uses the latest technology to connect people to jobs - including a mobile app that will give you real-time information about all jobs available near you. We recruit for a variety of warehouse, transportation and manufacturing jobs across the country, with a hiring process that takes only a few days and is 100% free of charge for candidates. Start now by applying to one of our jobs!



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