What does an On-Site Coordinator do?


We've covered several topics to help people enter the warehouse industry, such as 'Why should you get a job in warehousing?', 'How to write a resume for a warehouse job' and 'How to improve your skills for a job in warehouse'. But another interesting career path is to work as an On-Site Coordinator in a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

At Shiftfillers, we're always hiring On-Site Coordinators and Managers to be the face of our company at our clients' locations. More than being the main Shiftfillers point of contact, these professionals are responsible for optimizing efforts to service clients in a high quality, cost effective manner - and this is achieved through some of the following tasks:

  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and managing team members.
  • Managing daily on-site operations such as shift startup meetings, audits and check-ins.
  • Anticipating and planning for client staffing needs, including quality control measures.
  • Making frequent rounds of the facility to ensure proper operation of equipment, materials storage and handling, cleanliness, safety, and environmental compliance. 
  • Responding to the client's inquiries and ensuring employees are compliant with the company's rules.
  • Producing management reports for both client and internal stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and addressing personnel issues and concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Managing payroll functions.

On-Site Coordinators are the first step on the ‘management ladder' and need some essential qualities:

  • Leadership - This position requires the ability to lead and motivate employees. Good On-Site Coordinators lead by example, welcome ideas and feedback, treat team members with respect and empathy, know how to delegate tasks and provide growth opportunities to individuals.
  • Good Communicator - Because they liaise between internal stakeholders, the client and team members, they're skilled relationship builders.
  • Reliable - Since they act like a bridge between different groups of people, it's fundamental that these professionals have the ability to fully carry out instructions.
  • Tech Savvy - Beyond just basic administrative organizational skills, great On-Site Coordinators and Managers know how to utilize all the various tech tools at their disposal in order to run operations as efficiently as possible.
  • Mediator - They often step in to resolve conflicts that arise between workers on site, and have to exhibit a good sense of judgment to ensure that parties involved are treated fairly.
  • Process-Driven and Decisive - They also need to be process-oriented, have a strong sense of priority and entrepreneurial mindset because they constantly need to make operational suggestions and take decisions in very short timeframes.
  • Safety-Minded - Safety always needs to be a number one priority, so an effective On-Site Coordinator or Manager always keeps this at the forefront of their mind and in the processes that are employed.

Being an On-Site Coordinator or Manager is demanding and complex, but fulfilling. There are numerous career options in this field too, you can progress through the industry by gaining relevant experience and possibly be promoted to regional or national operations manager or director. 

If you're interested in exploring this type of job, check-out the opportunities that we have available at Shiftfillers now.