The Benefits of Flexible Work

Summer brings warm, sunny days that are meant to be spent outside. It can also boost your energy to look for a new job opportunity! While it's a popular period for students to land a first job, everyone can take advantage of these longer days to experience new types of work - ever thought about taking flexible work at this time of the year?

While it’s true that some industries slow down on hiring during the summer, that’s not necessarily what happens to every industry. Many companies search for people to fill in for those employees who went on summer vacation.

Why you should consider getting a flexible job


Flexible jobs (often referred to as temp jobs) are a way for you to get a taste of an industry you may not have considered in the past, it allows you to try a different field before committing to a full-time position. You can gain experience, improve your resume, and even find a new career to pursue. 

Additional Income

Whether this job will be your main occupation or an additional one, it's a great way to supplement your income. Some companies, like Shiftfillers, offer you the same-day-pay option, which means you can access your earnings when you complete an eligible shift.


You know how having connections can be extremely helpful when building your career, and you're not going to build these connections by sitting at home and waiting for people to knock on your door. You need to put yourself out there. In a job, you are likely to be working with a range of very different people. Flexible work will put you in contact with people and opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise, new colleagues and managers will remember you if you do a great job.

Not strict 

Flexible work won't impose you many restrictions, which means you can have multiple jobs at once. Also, while permanent jobs usually have a 1-month notice period, temp workers can commonly give 1 or 2 week notice periods, meaning they can be available quickly. 

Better work-life balance 

Flexible jobs can help you manage your life in a way that lets you work when you want. For example, let's say you'd like to work some extra hours but your day job doesn't give you this opportunity. You can still look to work on a night shift or weekends when applying for flexible opportunities.


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