How to improve your skills for a job in warehouse or transportation


Now that we have already covered the top 5 skills every warehouse worker should have, you might be asking yourself how you can improve those skills as you build your career in this sector. Here we list some tips to boost your CV!

Get a first experience to start off 

Like in any industry, your professional background makes a big difference in a hiring process. The good thing about the warehouse and transportation field is that there are several opportunities to take a seasonal or temp job to try out this type of work and gain relevant experience. That can be a great way to start developing your skills.

Training options

Many companies offer an orientation program for new employees, on-the-job training and also online training like we do here at Shiftfillers. Take these opportunities whenever you can!

Take more responsibilities

If you're working in a warehouse environment, it's very common to be asked to take duties that are not strictly under your job description. But you don't have to wait until your employer has that need, you can also let your supervisor know you'd like to take more responsibilities. This is a very effective way to expand your skills and knowledge and it also makes a good impression on your employer.

Forklift License

The Forklift Operator’s License is one of the most sought-after licenses in this industry. 

It is necessary for anyone who plans to use this heavy machinery, a fundamental equipment in many warehouses. You must undergo specialized training courses before you can use a forklift, which are designed to comply with OSHA requirements. Many employers offer this training and certification so make sure you demonstrate your interest to learn it.

Always think about your next steps

Think about the warehouse positions you'd like to work next: team leader, supervisor, onsite manager, etc. What are the skills you need to acquire to take that path? Have a clear goal and take the necessary steps to learn and make that happen. When working with a team, support your colleagues and build strong relationships. If you become someone they look up to, chances are that you'll become a natural leader or even be referred to other good job opportunities in the future - you never know where your team members will be working next!

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