How to get ready for your first day at your new job



You wrote that killer resume, you nailed that job interview and… you got the job! Congratulations! Now it's time to get ready for your first day at your new workplace.

At Shiftfillers, we welcome new team members every day so we'll share some tips to help you start smoothly at your new job.

Focus on your new job when you start

Make sure you don't have any unfinished business with your previous job and that your personal or family appointments won't clash with the time you're starting at the new job. Clear your schedule as much as you can!

Be ready to absorb a lot of new information

Another reason we recommend you to clear your schedule is that the first week at a new job usually requires a lot from your body and mind. You'll meet new people and learn new processes and activities. Besides that, you'll be getting used to a new commute - and sometimes, you might be adjusting to new working hours as well. Try to reduce any additional responsibilities if you can. Remember to eat well and sleep on a regular schedule to allow your body to rest and recharge your batteries! 

Be well informed about your first day

Read the job description again to review your activities. Understand the exact location where you have to be on your first day, what time and who you should talk with when you arrive there. Do your best to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier. Plan a route - and have a plan B in case you encounter delays! 

Make sure you have everything you need

The day before your first day, be sure you have everything you will need at work. Get familiar with the type of clothes and shoes you should wear for your job. Remember to charge your phone before going to work. Make sure you have your meal planned and if you take any medication during working hours, don't forget to take them with you.

Build good relationships at the new workplace

There's no magic formula to get along with your new manager and colleagues. Be polite and professional. Pay attention to everything that your team teaches you, be willing to help and do all you can to keep things running smoothly. You will get to know these people with time, learn more about their personalities and lives, don't rush it. Start by learning everyone's name and being a good team member, all the rest will happen naturally.

Be positive

You're starting at a new job. Be grateful to the opportunities that life is putting in your path, have that "can do" attitude that will make the work easier for you and your team. 


Be ready to learn

First days at a new workplace can be awkward, we know it. But don't be afraid to ask questions! That's the perfect time for you to ask people any questions that might sound silly because they expect you to do so. Your colleagues will give you some slack and help you out, don't worry! 

Enjoy it!

We hope you quickly adjust to the new job and feel comfortable when working. Keep in mind that we often spend more time at work than anywhere else, so do your best to enjoy it too! At Shiftfillers, we ask our team members for daily feedback at the end of their shifts. That's because we want to make sure we're making things right for our team - and if we're not, we want to correct it immediately.


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