6 Reasons why you haven't heard back from a Recruiter



We've covered the main of a job search journey - from your research to your first day at work:


But what does it mean when you go to a job interview and you don't hear back from the company? Based on our decades of experience, not getting feedback doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t get the job. Here are six reasons why you might haven't heard back from your interviewer:

Other things got in the way

Recruiters usually hire for several positions and clients at the same time and priorities can suddenly change. Sometimes, the hiring team receives far more applications than normal and spends more time than usual sorting through applications. So it makes sense that they might be too busy with something else. Also consider that other unpredictable things can come up. For example, we've all seen how the pandemic affected all of us, sometimes life can be full of unexpected things. 

Other candidates are being interviewed

One of the main reasons why you get no reply after an interview might be that recruiters are slowly weeding through job applications - reviewing job applications, scheduling interviews and screening candidates. Sometimes the interviewing process requires multiple interviews and candidates aren’t informed of the results of their interview until everyone's interviews are complete, no matter how well it went. 

There's more than one qualified candidate

Maybe someone else did well in the interview and the recruiter is still selecting who's moving forward in the process. And deciding between two or more good candidates isn't an easy task, particularly if you consider that an onboarding process is costly for a company, which means they have to be very careful about their choice.

Multiple people involved in the decision process

The same way there might be more candidates involved in the process than you initially thought, there's also a big chance that the hiring decision depends on more than one person. People have different opinions and different schedules - and both things can impact the hiring process!

You're not a good fit

You can be confident about getting this job but maybe someone in the company thinks you're not a good fit and this can happen for various reasons: you didn't meet a requirement, the recruiter thinks you're not able to do the job or that you're not going to fit in the culture, or you're out of range. Sometimes candidates are excluded from a process because they didn't follow instructions properly, so make sure you’re reading every email and that you’re taking notes when you talk to anyone at the company.

You got lost in the process

Accidents happen! And as we said before, recruiters usually work with several openings and clients simultaneously. Your application might get misplaced, deleted or forgotten - which is rare but possible, we're all human after all. That's why it's important to follow up on your application if you'd like to get feedback, but that's another topic for us to cover on another blog!


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